Have a look at my projects!

This is an archive of my projects so far (since 2015). Most of it is taken from my CodePen page.

Forever work in progress (working on classification of codepen projects), but I will keep this up to date as much as possible.

Please mind that the projects featured here are experimental, buggy and sometimes unfinished creations. I leave them as a testimony of my learning process. :)

Updated 09/07/2018

CodePen projects

animating the lissajous curve

are you smarter than a chimp

barnsley fern animated

basic labyrinths 1

beautiful trigonometry

binary clock

boo strap

bouncing balls

ca nvas js

catch me if you can

chat animation demo

chemical pictograms

clicks per second

codepen export plugin

collatz conjecture

color picker

colorful dna

colour on a grayscale image

command line intro

connect four

cursor force

custom fractal

deal with doge

don t stop me now

draw a rectangle

error 404

fibonacci spiral spirals 1

flat calculator layout

fuel energy density

i m gonna be

interest bernoulli and e

js to link

just another pen

lock game

logarithmic spiral spirals 2

macos terminal hacks codepen

magnificent trigonometry 3d

mandelbrot but it s text

mandelbrot speed coding

material clock

maths en mouvement intro

meme generator

mirroring art

modular multiplication table

mouse dots

multiple choices probability

on the irrationality of 2 and

orbit game

particles 1

particles 2

particles 3

particles 4

particles 5

pascal triangle

perlin test flow field


prime triangle oop

random js

random text

recaman sequence

recursion codingtrain

rendering a shit tonne of dimentions on a 2d canvas

revolver ocelot


simplistic walker

sorting a kitten

spaghetti snapping


starfield codingtrain

steam broadcast loader

styling radio inputs

such code much wow

svg test 1

symmetrical paint

that thing you do in school

the delboeuf illusion

the most annoying sound in the world

tilt to read

tiny javascript minifier

tiny jsonp js

two s complement subtraction

typographic soup

very simple portfolio template

wavy thingy or the nyquist limit

web audio api test

wikipedia thing test

windows xp

worst song

CodePen archive

Projects that are unfinished, WIP, or just bad.

10 bottom buttons

array chopper

badminton algorithm

brick breaker

canvas template

clock widget

colors whatever

computing pi

css template

custom alert boxes

day to day algorithm

durr new template

es6 defaults and option object

functionnal css menu dropdown

guessing game

lock code project basics

menu toggle icon

moving dots

my favourite css colours

nobody expects

old two s complement subtraction


prime triangle test

profile css

purrfectly aligned kitten

question on stack overflow

random input number generator

scale of everything

some fancy menu

sponge kinda thing

text colour change

the legend of zelda

triangular sequence


typographic soup v2